Life At SB Draftings Services (SBDS)

At SB Draftings Services (SBDS), we take pride in providing a workspace that fosters positivity, creativity, and a sense of community amongst our employees. While we understand the importance of financial viability, we believe that our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives and contribute to society’s betterment. Our team comprises individuals with diverse professional backgrounds who work collaboratively, regardless of hierarchy, to share knowledge and grow together. We are committed to continuous improvement and strive for excellence in everything we do. Our employer-employee relationship is built on trust, respect, honesty, commitment, appreciation, and empathy, which makes us a cohesive and supportive team. We are proud of our handpicked professionals’ skills, intelligence, hard work, mindset, passion, and behavior. Our goal is to provide best-in-class engineering solutions and transform lives for generations to come. Our team is dedicated to this cause and is passionate about making a difference. Lastly, we are thrilled to share that our focus on creating a happy workplace has resulted in a high rate of customer satisfaction. We believe that a positive and encouraging work environment is essential for our team’s well-being and success.



We have learnt that some fraud agencies/individuals have been making job offers on behalf of SB Draftings Services (SBDS) in return for money. Next time you hear something like this, just remember the following

  1. Send any job offers from free email services. If it’s an authentic job offer from us, it will only be communicated through
  2. Authorize anyone to either collect money or any other favours in return for a job. Sorry but simply put, if you don’t have the required credentials; you won’t be hired no matter what you are willing to pay for it. We are not hiring agents or a placement firm. All recruitment is done by our expert in-house recruitment team that directly approaches suitable candidates.
  3. Take the responsibility or blame for not giving a job instead of money. If you, unfortunately, get duped, SB Draftings Services (SBDS) won’t be liable to give you a job or any kind of compensation.
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